3D Printer : Printing material (aka. Filament)

Type of filament


Flexible material:
Look like wood:


How to print ABS without heated bed?

All printer can print ABS even the manufacturer said you can’t. The main problem of printing ABS without a heating bed is it warps. The corner of the object will lift up making a curve bottom instead of a flat one. The bigger the object, the worst it gets.

There are 3 tricks to print without a heated bed. (I personally use method 2)

  1. Print with a really large brim
  2. Use a special glue (aka. ‘ABS juice’) to coat the printing bed before printing.
    (You can easily make it at home in less than 5 min.)
  3. Print the first couple of layers with PLA then change the material to print the rest with ABS

1. Large brim

2. ABS Juice

‘ABS juice’ is actually a mix of nail polish remover + some bits of ABS. Tony D. explain in youtube quite well how to make and how to use.


3. PLA then ABS

PLA helps make the print stick to the bed and there seem to be no problem mixing between PLA and ABS. (so far that I know of)

You can print the first couple of layer with PLA before changing to ABS or If you want the whole object to be printed with ABS, Select printing with platform adhesion (Support > Platform Adhesion Type > Brim or Raft)

There are 3 ways to stop the printer

• Stop the printer (temporary)
G4 S005
This will pause your printer for 5 seconds, and automatically resume after time has elapsed. 

• Slow the printer down
M220 S1
That will slow your printer down to 1% speed.
Carefully change the filament to the new color, then type
M220 S100
Resume printing in normal speed

• Download a plugin