Scan 3D object and print it out!

I bought a new device which came with a weird cable that won’t stay in place.  So, I have a brilliant idea. Why don’t I make a charging dock for it? I have a 3D printer (which is a bit dusty now) and I could use some excuse to brush off my 3D modelling skill. So…. May this little project begin!

What I need to do is separate into 3 step:

1. Make a model of the object & charging cable
2. Design a charging dock – create a solid base that can stand, have a slot to slide the object in, and has a charging cable inside
3. 3D print it – well… print it out and see if it work


STEP 1 : Scan the object

For a complex shape, it might be better to just 3D scan it. For a simple shape, like an iPhone, it is easier to create a model yourself.

3D scan
Scan 3D object with your mobile phone. Here is a good article on how to make a 3D model of an object from your phone for free.

It comes with good picture and explanation so please go to the link to see more.

Note: Learn more about the basic of 3D scanning technology in here.


Draw it yourself
Take a photo of the front, top, and side and import to 3D modeling software like solid work.

How to import the photo into solid work :

How to create a model from 2/3 photos in solid work :


STEP 2: Design a charging dock

The main thing to concern here is ‘How to make it stand ?’  & ‘How to get the cable in?’.

How to make it stand ?

If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of engineering calculation, here is a simple advice.

Put the object upright or lie down then tilt backward a little bit. Create a case that has a little longer back so that the object can rest in and more stable.



How to get the cable in?
A lot of people forget to think about this part when they are making a charging dock. Yes, you do need to put the cable in there to call it a charging dock!

-Simple cut out


-Hidden inside


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