School Bus to Mars -The coolest group VR experience

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 03.41.40.png

Today I got invited to a Microsoft Lift London Studio Social which has a special guest speaker, Mike Mcgee, a creative director at Framestore.

Framestore transforms a whole school bus to be a giant group immersive environment. I’m used to VR in a headset like Oculus or Samsung Gear VR which work with an individual. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone building an immersive VR experience for a group. Not to mention the way they do it is pretty amazing. All the windows are replaced with a special screen. Once turn on, all window show an environment in Mars. Framestore needed to create a virtual environment a size of a whole area in order for all windows to show a correct view regardless of where the driver decide to make a turn. By physically moving and showing an immersive environment at the same time the experience is more real than ever.

I’ve seen transparent / semi-transparent screens before but this is the first time I saw the application of it that make me cry WOW!



Brand: Lockheed Martin
Agency: McCann New York
Effects: Framestore