Interactive Digital Ads.


This advertisement questions what is the real image of beauty. The content is in Thai but what attract my attention is the new Interactive Film technique.

You can tap the screen to change the image if you are using your mobile phone or tap space bar if you are watching through a computer. Check out in the link here.

I still can’t figure out how they did it yet, but it is pretty amazing. This is the first interactive digital campaign that I encounter which can be experienced through a mobile device. If you can change details in the video to suit your preference this could mean something big toward a customization trend. It may no longer be up to the content creator to decide which detail would suit target audience, the future power might be in the audience hand to customize how they want to receive the content. This clip shows the same content with small detail changed in each tap, but what if each tap mean a bigger change. What if each tap can show a different perspective from a different character in the clip? What if any fight in a movie can now be viewed in wide angle, villain point of view, or the hero point of view? How would that affect the way a storyline is made and filmed?

Though I have to say this advertisement would work much better with the use of Visual effects, I have to give credit to the director and the actress. It is still quite an amazing performance and editing. The interactive film really stresses out the message the ads want to convey really well and I’m really looking forward to seeing what other will be using the technique for.


This video reminds me of an older advertisement , A Hunter Shoots a Bear by Tipp-ex. It is also an interactive video where you can type down your own choice of ending. I don’t think you can access the original content anymore but you can see it from this youtube of how it works.


Thisisnotadvertising wrote in detail on the Tipp-ex campaign which you could find more information from his/her blog.