Must Have



Must Have : Your personal stylist

Must have is a clothes recommendation application that shows you your style, the way like, but in a physical store.

Retail stores are declining.  Stores are set up for selling but people don’t go to store to buy anymore. Most of the new generation bought their clothes online.

Surprisingly, one of the main reason is ‘store are overwhelming’. They can’t seem to find what they want. There is nowhere to search or look at suggested items like an online store. Everyone have a different style and want to be treated differently. That’s why we invent ‘Must Have’, an instore personal stylist.

MustHave learns your preferences and suggests the items that you might overlook. You can bookmark and save any preferred items, creating a borderless omnichannel shopping experience.

By analysing the customers flow and behavior, the store will have a better understanding of how to display items and analyse how physical store effect online purchase and vice-versa.

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