ZON : Be in control

ZON is an emergency system for people with a chronic medical condition, eg. seizure. With sensors hide in the watch strap,  ZON detects when user fall and send a signal to nearby mobile phones with contact detail describing  the owner’s medical condition and basic aids.

We found that when people encounter with an unconscious person, the first thing they do is pick up their phone to call an ambulance.  Most chronic condition like seizure doesn’t require the patient to be hospitalised. Doing so cause NHS and patient more trouble than benefit.

ZON square

We utilised a new iBeacon system to push a notification to nearby mobile phones informing the whereabout of an unconscious person. Basic care instructions are provided in case of a chronic condition like seizure which doesn’t need to be hospitalised, but other information like blood type, medical record or a contact person can also be displayed.

pull out the phoen

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